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Nomad EFT

What Does Nomad Specialize In?

Providing Secure Payment Processing Solution

Nomad Information Systems  is a registered Systems Operator within the payments industry of South Africa and Africa. We offer solutions such as Chip based credit and debit cards, private label cards and a range of Value- Added Services (VAS). Nomad’s integrated solution along with its impressive range of standalone and mobile payment solutions, offers both retail groups and independent merchants a variety of financial products.We continuously evolve to improve our range of physical and virtual transactional products and customizable solutions that meet our customer's demands.With solutions implemented and executed in a precise manner, we ensure that our customers not only reach, but also exceed their business objectives

Nomad's Commitment

To Our Clients

The commitment of a Nomad solution is to provide peace of mind, improved operational effciencies and allow merchants the time to manage their core business environments competitively and profitably.