Our Success

The success of Nomad relies, foremost, on the success of our customers. We also have an entrepreneurial spirit within the organization that endeavors to take advantage of the growing need for self-service payment and related Value Added Service (VAS) technology.

Our team of highly skilled business professionals, developers and engineers jointly bring over 90 years of IT Telecommunications and Banking equipment expertise to the business.

Product Evolution

We aim to continuously co-evolve and improve our range of physical and virtual transactional products and customizable solutions in order to meet our customer's demands.

Total Quality Management

We encourage an ethos of Total Quality Management, ensuring that every aspect of the company is constantly looked at for improvement and enhancement.


Being a PCI DSS Qualified Integrated Reseller, Nomads internal experts are required to renew their QIR qualification year on year. This allows us to keep abreast of the latest PCI requirements and consult effectively with our clients around how they can better secure their own environments , ensuring cardholder data is handled and processed with the correct required controls in place. 


Find our QIRs listed here under "Nomad":