Credit and Debit Card Devices

Although our device is small in size, it has an impressive range of functions and epitomizes the All-in-One design concept.

• Cost effective mobile and wireless solutions.
• Performs all types of EFT transactions.
• Debit and Credit card; MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Diners, RCS, Fleet, Garage and more!
• Chip and Pin compliant, minimizing exposure to fraud.
• Issues own branded Gift and Prepaid cards. *With your own program*
• Generate income by vending airtime on the same device.
• Standard contactless reader for tap and go payments
• Can accept payments directly from Mobile Phones.
• Allow your customers to rate their store experience on the device. *With your own program*
• Full back office reporting capabilities, allowing online reports to be viewed.
• 24 hour call centre availability for all queries.