Integrated Payments Made Easy

Nomad’s integrated solution has been designed to provide an easy-to-use, backwards-compatible abstraction layer for EFT functionality. Masked beneath this layer are the complexities of the various banking interfaces, the implementation of EFT business logic and all idiosyncrasies of magstripe and smartcard (EMV) technologies. Designed with a high-degree of modularity resembling a ‘building blocks’ approach, Nomad enables and supports various value added services, which can be readily added as required.

Our integrated solution is constantly evolving and improving to assure that merchants are always running a system which is up to date, reliable and sustainable.


  • Quick and easy card transactions.
  • Online Reporting/Reconciliation.
  • Airtime/Electricity capabilities.
  • Dual-comms channels.
  • Pay@Table functionality.
  • Removes finger error and “sweethearting” from the equation.
  • Host to Host banking into your preferred acquiring bank.
  • Secure payments network through a dedicated server and firewall.

Retail POS Providers:

Nomad provides an integrated payments solution into over 45 Retail Point of Sale Providers including Kerridge, Micros, Arch, Aura, IQ Retail, Touch365 and many more...

What We Offer

Value Added Services
Integrated Payments