Airtime and Electricity 


The following electronic voucher distribution for airtime and electricity is available through the same integrated interface: 


Your own branded Loyalty Program


Merchants can implement an exciting card or cardless Loyalty program for their store.


The system is so dynamic that a single merchant can have their own branded Loyalty program, mobile application and card issuing system. Malls, National Groups and Coalition programs are all catered for within the solution; this solution is a single or multi-branch, ‘points based’ loyalty system. 


Members are rewarded for their purchases in loyalty points, where one rand equals one point. This is not a discount, but rather a rebate that is electronically credited to a members account. Members wishing to redeem their balance must do so on subsequent visits, thus driving future purchases.


Your own branded Gift Card Program


Implementing your own Gift Card program is the perfect customer retention solution that gives you your own personalised gift card bearing your company’s logo to issue in real time, to your clients.

Card or Cardless Services


Nomad also provides custom magstripe cards, with a merchants own logo or design printed on as required. These cards are encoded with unique Nomad Loyalty BIN numbers, allowing merchants to keep track of customer cards as well as give a personal look and feel to their tailor-made loyalty program.


This is also available as a cardless program using a fully branded .mobi site and mobile applications.