Your Own Branded Loyalty Program

Implement an exciting card or cardless Loyalty program for your store.

The system is so dynamic that a single merchant can have their own branded Loyalty program, mobile application and card issuing system. Malls, National Groups and Coalition programs are all catered for within the solution; this solution is a single or multi-branch, ‘points based’ loyalty system.

Members are rewarded for their purchases in loyalty points, where one rand equals one point. This is not a discount, but rather a rebate that is electronically credited to a members account. Members wishing to redeem their balance must do so on subsequent visits, thus driving future purchases.

One of the key success factors of the program is that members can easily register on multiple platforms, such as on the POS device, on the merchants branded .mobi page as well as via Quick Response (QR) codes on branded media (newspapers/business cards/Magazines).

Once the member has registered, they can view all of their points and rewards on the merchants branded .mobi link on their mobile phones. Viewing of such information creates opportunities for the merchant to reach their target markets by providing real-time information around specials.

Your Own Branded Gift Card Program

Implementing your own Gift Card program is the perfect customer retention solution that gives you your own personalised gift card bearing your company’s logo to issue in real time, to your clients. 

Your Own Branded Cashless Program

Merchants who receive an abundance of cash can use the cashless program  – stored value system. This will enable merchants to receive cash at one central point, load the cash value onto the prepaid members’ cards for the member to use their card to pay for their purchases using their stored value that resides on their cards.

The member will also be able to view their prepaid balances on the merchant branded .mobi. This service provides for a massive shift in cash flow for the merchant as all of the cash is taken up front.

The members cannot use their prepaid value at any other merchant, this is a perfect example of customer retention at its best.

Features And Benefits Of Your Own Branded Program

• Assist you to bring current and new customers to your business, inducing the retention of current customers and promoting attraction to new customers.
• Customers will enjoy introducing their friends and family to their favourite businesses with the aid of a Gift or Loyalty Card.
• Full back office access and reporting for easy management and monitoring of program
• Analyse Big Data to establish buying patterns and consumer habits
• Your business name appears on all of the Gift and Loyalty SMS’s received by members.
• Create birthday and other special event campaigns
• Market and communicate your specials to your members on preselected dates
• Fast and convenient transactions mean fewer queues